A knitted royal wedding! – The Graham Norton Show, preview – BBC One

Graham Norton Online video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “A knitted royal wedding! – The Graham Norton Show, preview – BBC One”

  1. Lauren Wilkinson says:


  2. etrygg says:

    1:47 Oh my, I almost´╗┐ peed myself!!!

  3. OrioleBeagle says:

    Josh´╗┐ Groban

  4. Lovato DevonneDemi says:

    who was singing? he’s´╗┐ pretty awesome.

  5. TheFranc77 says:

    2:12 the forced oral,´╗┐ superb Graham

  6. bugalooshrimp92 says:

    1:47´╗┐ LOOOL!!

  7. continentalrcinglg says:

    Norton is a badass. That is all.´╗┐

  8. ashle1aussie says:

    i think Kate was´╗┐ still watching Graham,
    hence the 1 ‘dislike’ lol

  9. xxJLSxAMJOx says:

    The Queen looked like it was awesome!! xx´╗┐

  10. Mandi T. says:


  11. 37Iaia says:

    thanks very much, I didn’t know he is Irish. It’s difficult for me to detect´╗┐ a different intonation and accent because English is not my language.

  12. jaysung18 says:

    He’s Irish btw ^^´╗┐

  13. TicTakTizzler1999 says:

    That’s.. Whats´╗┐ his name??
    Who’s gettin married? William!
    Graham iz jokes

  14. couldnotthinkofone says:

    @37laia seriously, BRIAN Norton Show. Dude… But it IS funny.´╗┐

  15. gruntlesnoot says:

    Harry’s´╗┐ hair was just like that at the wedding!

  16. 37Iaia says:

    You´╗┐ British are absolutely fantastic! I enjoy myself very much watching Brian Norton show. I wish I could always have the opportunity to listen to the light and pleasant irony he uses while speaking of a famous person. In my country is often quite impossible. I am very fond of UK.

  17. RandomDude372 says:

    oh´╗┐ shit, it’s pissing down in london. did you guys head that thunder-clap??/ loud as shit

  18. sk8hang says:

    guest youtube.com/watch?v=fH-iXt7pzko&feature=channel_video_title´╗┐

  19. TheAnn2shoes says:

    Rossy eat your heart´╗┐ out – Graham is ten times better than you ever were! Love him

  20. Mar├şa del Carmen Mart├şnez Vicent├ę says:

    oh my gosh… IT’S @joshgroban! I had´╗┐ no idea he was on this show…

  21. richarldluva124 says:

    @Nintendo46 it was a joke….. it refers to catherine tate’s royal variety´╗┐ show skit……

  22. halogen123 says:

    Haha nothing like a nice bit of treason during´╗┐ a royal wedding!

  23. MintyInTheSky says:

    Oh,´╗┐ those dolls… xD

  24. littlemonster24xx says:

    I flipping love graham norton. :’)´╗┐

  25. HoggyWartyHogwarts says:

    WHOA!! The´╗┐ David/Catherine team are back together??!! =D