Anna Paquin’s Face Scrunching Song – The Graham Norton Show Preview – BBC One

Graham Norton Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Anna Paquin’s Face Scrunching Song – The Graham Norton Show Preview – BBC One”

  1. SayVarRee says:

    bit of Kiwi coming out now and then in her accent.

  2. mommytorres16 says:

    I think it’s great that the show introduced them, even if it was just on Skype! Graham is amazing, found his show after Doctor Who awhile back & he’s now my talk show of choice!

  3. andrewglover6 says:

    On this video you actually don’t have to pause it to see her face scrunching!

  4. ixcaliber says:

    @tudortoomey everyone hates that.

  5. tudortoomey says:

    I really hate it when audiences clap along to music.

  6. britainfan4lyf says:

    proud to be South African!!:D

  7. piratesareawesomeful says:

    Quite possibly the catchiest song ever! I love how Graham sways along when it gets to the chorus. ONE… MORE… TIME

  8. SmartSam16 says:


  9. martythetickler says:

    She still has a Kiwi tinge in her accent.

  10. cecispock says:

    loooooooooool 5:03

  11. Kandarew says:

    I saw the face O_O @2:31

  12. spain395 says:

    this show rocks i just jove it

  13. msjing84 says:

    you’re an interesting host! wow!

  14. xPosumx says:

    Mila Kunis should be on this 😉

  15. KatieKinsBear says:

    She looks like my friend Rachel

  16. im1595 says:

    I freezed this video multiple times,it’s kinda true.

    I love her acting though. <3

  17. lilyremi3 says:

    now everyone is randomly stopping this youtube video to see her weird faces!

  18. bobbymostertman says:

    1:50, you see Graham hop:)

  19. partygirl209 says:

    Anna is beautiful and talented!!

  20. BelieveInMyDaydreams says:

    @AngelBiLove And talented if slightly odd lol

  21. MaddieEP101 says:

    bahaha “I’m from New Zealand, we don’t like ourselves anyway” sadly it’s true! I feel proud that she’s still a proud kiwi though 🙂 you go girl!!

  22. dollyvuitton says:

    lol well if you pause a video on anyone they have odd expressions not just Anna 😛

  23. Bella123654 says:

    Her accent is so confused

  24. mrmebs says:

    @shrimants she’s from new zealand

  25. MrsDuhamel says:

    naaaw i miss her 🙁 come back to NZ so i can see you!!!!!!!!!