BBC host Graham Norton speaks about his relationship taste

Well he has just drawn-out his multi-million pound deal with BBC and his new book is all set to hit the selves. However, today, the popular talk show host stated that he has actually a paid a heavy price for his success at home. While Britain’s most popular television chat show host is the go-to presenter for top live gigs as well as late-night hilarity, Graham has struggled a lot to find lasting love.

According to reports, the TV show host said that it is difficult for him to find love – because he is after a male partner. Speaking to a leading UK based tabloid, Norton told that he has a theory. He believes that there is something about having a male partner that makes it a lot tougher difficult.

He also told the Plain Sailing website that this would come as sexist but this does not suggest that it is any less true. If he were a straight person, his female partner would have a role in the eyes of society. She would be the mum of his children, his hostess, the person on his arm at red carpet events. She would have a defined function. However, this is not the same is the partner is not a female.

He told the tabloid that all things they thought they would relish about going out with him become loathsome in the end because they have not earned it for themselves. Increasingly, this puts a strain on the relationship.

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