Bruno Mars Sings ‘Forget You’ – The Graham Norton Show, Ep18, Preview – BBC One

Graham Norton Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Bruno Mars Sings ‘Forget You’ – The Graham Norton Show, Ep18, Preview – BBC One”

  1. Katylenel says:

    He is sooo hot.. <3

  2. chathg14 says:

    F you
    that is so innocent!

  3. chathg14 says:

    @JolineMusic16 Hawaiian!

  4. kia7586 says:

    hes so cute when he sings that

  5. CommonSenseHelps says:


  6. weirdos59 says:

    call me miss mars!:)

  7. trombonelibertyband says:

    I love Bruno Mars

  8. marxandmarzipan says:

    fucking hell I LOVE HIM. Call me Broon!!!

  9. KimaOnline says:

    Omgee he is beautiful

  10. KimaOnline says:

    “I wrote Thriller, Purple Rain” – hahahahaha! I love you!

  11. SimoneHorvath says:

    I love Bruno <3 <3

  12. JolineMusic16 says:

    It’s Peter Gene Hernandez :)) he’s actually a Filipino ^_^ so glad >.<

  13. Parkerlee1000 says:

    its not atually ce lo green, its knarles barkley!

  14. nuee1234 says:

    0:38 Just Can’t Help Falling in Love with his smile!

  15. jackiechanna101 says:

    You are Out Of This World 🙂

  16. RandomszFoEva says:

    wow..he is mine soo fine……..being random

  17. EvilEcstasy says:

    @jelovelasquez yes x) Hawai <3

  18. StarKidPotterhead146 says:

    OHMYGOSH it’s the lady that plays Professor Sprout in Harry Potter!! How come no one has realized this?!

  19. dee67016 says:

    he sounds soo sexy when he sings

  20. MissMera13 says:

    0:22 O_O <3

  21. xdarlenee says:

    HE would’ve been way better than ce lo. 🙂 just sayin…

  22. Chg01992 says:

    Awww love him

  23. JaderrrAV says:

    i can imagine him singing ‘forget you’ way better then Ce Lo, no disrespect.

  24. youdontknowme325 says:

    Man: Have you heard this song
    Woman: No
    Bruno: WHAT!!!

  25. dinatex90 says:

    @grancazzino i actually seen a lot of interviews he’s done even in the british media but i never seen him this nervous…i guess your’e right it’s the fact that he’s surrounded by four brits tryin to understand what they’re sayin..