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Delia Smith appears on The Graham Norton Show

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Delia Smith was a guest on BBC One’s popular program alongside Avengers Assemble as well as The Hurt Locker actor Jeremy Renner, Clash Of The Titans and Prince of Persia  actor Gemma Arterton, singer Rita Ora and comedian Matt Lucas at The Graham Norton show.

Norwich City footballers’ wives and girlfriends were in the audience to see Delia Smith tell Graham Norton that she was actually on a goal to get people cooking again. Delia told that she has spent several years seething, as people do not know about home cooking the daysse. she spent a long time trying to teach them how to do home cooking but now all these things have gone to supermarkets and ready meals and she feels that people must go back to their kitchen.

Then she spoke about her cookery school (online). She told that she is sick of listening ‘we’re in a recession, we can’t afford anything’ and more importantly this is half the price to cook. This is the reason why she want to teach people how to cook.

Delia Smith received a hug from Jeremy Renner, when Gemma Arterton stated that she used a Christmas recipe book for their Christmas dinner. After gentle teasing regarding swim wear modeling Delia Smith did when she used to work in a travel agency. During the show, Graham Norton described Delia smith as a football mogul.

Graham Norton appears ruffled

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

He is quite well known for his perky manner and boundless enthusiasm, but all of enjoys an off day and like us he falls in the same category. We are speaking about Graham Norton and his ever busy radio and television schedule. It appeared that all this was taking a toll and earlier this week, he left London’s BBC studios quite early.

The forty nine year old BAFTA winning personality, who hosts the popular Graham Norton Show on BBC, recently admitted that he considered an eye surgery, but he was too nervous to do that. He went to see a man about my eye bags, which even I think are hideous. Every time, he had an appointment, something would come up and at last he thought that this is supposed to take place.

He added that what stops him is his fear. It really does not matter how much one spends, but there is no guarantee how everything would turn out and more importantly there is no way to reverse the error of judgment. He loves to look haggard.

Graham Norton had just ended shooting for his weekly chat show for Radio 2 that airs from 10 am till 1 pm. After Jonathan Ross left BBC, since then Graham has hosted the program.

Last year in August, the Irishman sold his production house called So TV for £ 10 million to ITV along with an extra £ 7 million told if its profits reach a series of targets by the year 2016.

Ke$ha rocks Graham Norton show

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha is not known for her wardrobe choices, but the singer decided to shine when she hit the stage of the Graham Norton Show. The singer donned a gold bodysuit and entertained the audience with her newest track ‘Die Young’.

The twenty five year old singer used over the top hair extension and eye make-up to balance her overall look and more importantly to stay true to her bad – girl image. The gold ensemble was adorned with fringes as well as red rhinestones that she paired up with a pair of leather boots and fishnet tights. She wore a heavy make up and swept back her hair in a gladiator style.

Earlier that day, the ‘Die Young’ singer was seen entering the studio of BBC before recording her performance donning a 1970s inspired dress. Sporting a suede outfit which featured gold baroque prints, Ke$ha sported a pair of John Lennon style shades and also a floppy hat along with a flower on it.

The singer was very excited to appear on the Graham Norton Show. After her performance, she took on to Twitter and wrote: ‘AY! performing #dieyoung on the Graham Norton show in the UK tonight!’ she told her fans.

Ke$ha came to spotlight with her track named Tik Tok, After that she has released many songs on partying and drinking. Recently, she told that she sang songs to empower women. She stated that if men could talk about drinking in every song, then women also could do it.

Skyfall cast arrives at The Graham Norton Show

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

On Graham Norton Show, Series 12 (episode – 2), showing on 10th November on BBC Entertainment at 7 pm, Graham welcomes James Bond Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem (villain of Skyfall and Oscar winning actor) as well as indie folk band Of Monsters and Men.

While speaking about the experience of working for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, Daniel Craig told that it was planned for a long time. Director Danny Boyle said him that him what he wanted to do; and first he almost walked out and he thought that he was kidding with him. He did not know that he would get an okay from the palace.

Judi Dench jokingly told that she was not told to be involved. She told that Daniel Craig also kept everything secret from the co actors of Skyfall. He did not reveal anything. Speaking about his role, Daniel told that he could not understand why he was being asked. He was quite reluctant to say yes to this film.

The offer was really nice, but he thought he was not the perfect man for this role. He went for an all day screen test for this role. He did a scene from ‘From Russia with Love.’ It was hard, but then for some odd reason, he had to take off his shirt.

The Graham Norton Show will be aired on 10th November from 7 pm on BBC Entertainment.

Graham Norton On Pauline’s Exhibition

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Graham Norton was invited to open Pauline Bewick’s art exhibition in Dublin’s Taylor Galleries situated on Kildare Street. This was an amazing opportunity for Graham to connect with art and looked quite happy. It was a pleasure for Bewick that Norton opened the exhibition as he is an easygoing man, without being ‘stuffy’.

Though this was Pauline’s first meeting with Norton, it didn’t seem to appear so at all. The artist felt an instant bonding with Norton as he has a great personality and doesn’t have airs around him. He is witty and vibrant unlike someone with intellectual hang-up.

United Arts Club organized this evening, to be specific all credits for that superb evening went to Sarah Leahy. A sumptuous spread was laid down for the guests, which included several summer fruits, chicken, poached salmon, meringue roulade and Chilean sauvignon blanc. In this after party, great food was accompanied with fine music, presented by Liam O’Connor.

At this exhibition, several light moments shared by the TV host with Bewick. He amused the guests It was attended by Niall MacMonagle, Jackie Lavin, Bill Cullen, Carmel Mooney and Michelle Maden beside a host of other guests form the art world. Sharing one of his anecdotes, Norton said that his house in Cork is in nature’s lap, so close that now bats have come to reside in it. Norton was all praises for Pauline’s work and urged guests to buy it.

Norton faces second pay cut in 3 years

Friday, August 10th, 2012

A BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) report has stated that they would cut down the payments of some of their top earners including Graham Norton. This is the 2nd pay cut of Graham Norton in last three years. A close source revealed that no one has been relieved from the cut and it also includes top stars.

At least fifteen of BBC’s radio and television personalities are paid more than £ 500000. Some contracts are believed to be more than £ 1 million. Except from Graham Norton, the group of top earners includes Gary Lineker, Chris Evans, Jeremy Paxman and Alan Hansen. (more…)