Daniel Radcliffe sings “The Elements” – The Graham Norton Show – Series 8 Episode 4 – BBC One

Graham Norton Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Daniel Radcliffe sings “The Elements” – The Graham Norton Show – Series 8 Episode 4 – BBC One”

  1. HPFan702699 says:

    that was epic! I’m totally learning that song!

  2. CamiJohnson143 says:

    he got a long breathe!

  3. Azik181 says:

    did he say or sing smth?? ))) lol

  4. sabinee10 says:

    he was singing it too fast!!

  5. Naatashax3 says:

    Well ain’t he just plain adorable?

  6. fluffyxoreox says:

    briiittiisshhhhh 😀

  7. doiconfuseyou says:


  8. Dakkukuwakku says:

    I love how Daniel’s all like at the end “Now clap!!!”

  9. bamfnicholas says:

    Our teacher played this in Chem class for us :]

  10. MaryBerry5000 says:

    you still need to know where the elements are located on the table itself, this song is in complete random order

  11. hmu05366 says:

    @singingBEE14 did he miss out oMg element? I’ve never heard of xD???

  12. pixiepixiepower says:

    ok he fit! x

  13. TheSam9974 says:

    I love him!

  14. CheerSquad11 says:

    I watched this in science class

  15. TheQuinnopolis says:

    I bet I’m one of the only people in the world that knows that at the end, he messed up even when he repeated himself. He said, “argon, radon, neon, krypton” and it is “argon, krypton, neon, radon”. My pointing this out is what he gets for stealing my talent. I know this song too.

  16. Vicrostimpfc7 says:


  17. BritishTurtleGaming says:

    i blackmailed my teacher…
    it was p.e….. when we were on the computers

  18. barkyindustries says:

    What a BAMF

  19. Fredde38 says:

    harry got some private lessons from snape 😉

  20. singingBEE14 says:

    xD oMg

  21. tekkenLARS says:

    Snape was a great chemistry teacher. He did not only teach how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death. aww Forever Harry Potter~

  22. cofagrigus1 says:

    0:46 rihannah is checking on her invisible watch XD

  23. AbbeyandMaxloveya says:

    Harry potter beats all of yall

  24. Ireniepurple says:

    Lol I love his smartness!-3

  25. Dakkukuwakku says:

    This is why I love Daniel muahahaha