Delia Smith appears on The Graham Norton Show

Delia Smith was a guest on BBC One’s popular program alongside Avengers Assemble as well as The Hurt Locker actor Jeremy Renner, Clash Of The Titans and Prince of Persia  actor Gemma Arterton, singer Rita Ora and comedian Matt Lucas at The Graham Norton show.

Norwich City footballers’ wives and girlfriends were in the audience to see Delia Smith tell Graham Norton that she was actually on a goal to get people cooking again. Delia told that she has spent several years seething, as people do not know about home cooking the daysse. she spent a long time trying to teach them how to do home cooking but now all these things have gone to supermarkets and ready meals and she feels that people must go back to their kitchen.

Then she spoke about her cookery school (online). She told that she is sick of listening ‘we’re in a recession, we can’t afford anything’ and more importantly this is half the price to cook. This is the reason why she want to teach people how to cook.

Delia Smith received a hug from Jeremy Renner, when Gemma Arterton stated that she used a Christmas recipe book for their Christmas dinner. After gentle teasing regarding swim wear modeling Delia Smith did when she used to work in a travel agency. During the show, Graham Norton described Delia smith as a football mogul.


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