Gary Numan Interview Graham Norton show Funny

Graham Norton Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Gary Numan Interview Graham Norton show Funny”

  1. defossard says:

    First time I have seen this. What a wonderfully unassuming and modest man Gary Numan is. A breath of fresh air.

  2. troddsy says:

    gary to graham: “could you…..could you Slow down a bit…..Please……thank you..”

  3. MyAccount4TrollingU says:

    This is why America thinks UK shows and personalities are such twats. What an idiot.

  4. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable you must be dumb, I can tell the difference, and you obviously think they are the same thing, you keep saying like a moron I dont have a sense of humour so just to repeat from before for you cause your so THICK!!!!

    “Also I really enjoy humourous stuff like Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Little Britain, Family Guy, Dave Chapelle, Saturday Night Live, and movies featuring the likes of Steve Carrel, Will Ferrel and Jim Carrey in them. Gee does this mean Ive got a sense of humour now?”

  5. OfficialCable says:

    @Zephyesa Oh my fucking god are you stupid, how can you see this as a fucking insult to Numan. they are fucking jokes, and make people laugh. And i would personally say you dont have a sense of humour if you cant tell the difference between petty insults and jokes.

  6. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable there you go again wityh the ‘you need to get asense of humour’ its like your mushed up excuse for a brain has some kind of recording device in it that just spits out the same answers without any thought, see my last post again and all the comedians and funy shit I like, how could I like all them and not have a sense of humour you dim fucking twat!

  7. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable yeah yeah everything is a joke, your a shitstain mate, you got no boundarys, no morals no fucking idea, and you are the kind that goes whining to the cops when someone has enough of your putrid rude mouth and puts their fist through your dumb face.
    We dont have to accept anything from brainless fucktards like you, who think they can say and do anything they want, and then has a big cry when someone tells them to shut the fuck up.

  8. OfficialCable says:

    @Zephyesa And my sense of humour does make fucking sense. if you think these are insults you need to get a fucking sense of humour you dumb fuck, and learn that a comedian tells fucking jokes not insults your arrogant prick.

  9. OfficialCable says:

    @Zephyesa Indeed a true coward. what the fuck are you on about mate, How am i a coward. Your a fucking idiot, your think a comedian interveiwer that is famous for ripping into people is a bad person, and you also think Gary Numan would take offence to these. There fucking jokes not insults. Accept that and fuck off you stupid dick.

  10. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable hohoho looks like I really hit a sore point there, truth hurts eh english er man? And your empires gone mate, gone for nearly a century now, because the brave men who made it so, are no longer much around with you, thats why you lost it.

    Also you seem to think you can insult anyone about anything with liberty at will, and then accuse them of lacking humour if they take the slightest offence, you are indeed a true coward.

  11. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable Also I really enjoy humourous stuff like Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Little Britain, Family Guy, Dave Chapelle, Saturday Night Live, and movies featuring the likes of Steve Carrel, Will Ferrel and Jim Carrey in them.
    Gee does this mean Ive got a sense of humour now?

    Your “get a sense of humour” doesnt make any sense now does it?

    Dopey fuck.

  12. OfficialCable says:

    @Zephyesa You fucking call us cowards you piece of shit. Its called a joke, its not a insult. Getting a fucking sense of humour you sad cunt. and mate if the english are cowards how come we had the largest empire.

  13. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable I wudn agree to go on then if I was told this, and you shudn take any jokes, or u r just cowards at heart.

  14. OfficialCable says:

    @Zephyesa There not crossing the line, he knows what hes probably going to be asked and told. Thats how most interviews work and if your not English then this is English comedy we can take any jokes.

  15. Zephyesa says:

    @OfficialCable theres crossing the line but, and u shudn do that and not get hit for it.

  16. OfficialCable says:

    @Zephyesa hes a comdiean interviewer, they now there going to be ripped

  17. spunkbobfartpants says:

    @HawK047 Graham Norton is a pathetic and not funny queer cunt.He takes the piss out of people with far more talent than he, a pathetic little poof, will ever have.

  18. spunkbobfartpants says:

    Back in the day I thought he was a right knob, but time has shown me wrong, bloody good music and a nice bloke as well.

  19. HawK047 says:

    Is this guy seriously going on about Gary making dildo’s for his wife?

  20. MrGasho77 says:

    i had the pleasure of meeting gary numan at badminton air show when i was 15. I was introduced to him by his no 1 fan nigel brain, sat in his caravan having a cup of tea with gary & his mum. I didnt say a lot as i was a bit star struck but i remember he was a top bloke. how cool? Legend of electronic music.

  21. MrGasho77 says:

    i had the privilege of meeting gary numan at badminton air day when i was about 15, he was flying his plane there, i sat in his caravan with him, his mum and my mate, nigel brain, his number 1 fan, i cant remember saying much, as i was completely star struck, but remember that he was a bloody top bloke, his mum made us a cup of tea and i sat with one of my heros having a cuppa……mint,…..he signed our arms and off we went…how cool?..legend of electronic music

  22. ElijahBortnikov says:

    Numan here looks like an Indian actor from Bollywood 😀

  23. Zephyesa says:

    I like neuman, but the other guy would probably have been KO 20 years ago if he talk like this interviewing someone.

  24. TheRobash says:

    Two Top Blokes
    Matching Snatches

  25. JarrodCook93 says:

    apparetly rowan attkinson did a comedy skit about Gary Numan which was on not the nine oclock news. does anyone know where i can find this skit becasue i cant