Graham Norton appears ruffled

He is quite well known for his perky manner and boundless enthusiasm, but all of enjoys an off day and like us he falls in the same category. We are speaking about Graham Norton and his ever busy radio and television schedule. It appeared that all this was taking a toll and earlier this week, he left London’s BBC studios quite early.

The forty nine year old BAFTA winning personality, who hosts the popular Graham Norton Show on BBC, recently admitted that he considered an eye surgery, but he was too nervous to do that. He went to see a man about my eye bags, which even I think are hideous. Every time, he had an appointment, something would come up and at last he thought that this is supposed to take place.

He added that what stops him is his fear. It really does not matter how much one spends, but there is no guarantee how everything would turn out and more importantly there is no way to reverse the error of judgment. He loves to look haggard.

Graham Norton had just ended shooting for his weekly chat show for Radio 2 that airs from 10 am till 1 pm. After Jonathan Ross left BBC, since then Graham has hosted the program.

Last year in August, the Irishman sold his production house called So TV for £ 10 million to ITV along with an extra £ 7 million told if its profits reach a series of targets by the year 2016.


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