Graham Norton speaks about BBC America show

Graham Norton made his self titled BBC America talk program to serve guests with what he terms as dead chicken story. Here, Norton meant a story which does not go well with the viewers. On this program that begins its 14th season on Saturday, there is no interview with a single guest and after that someone sliding for the next guest on the show. A-list celebs pile on the orange sofa all at once.

According to reports, Graham Norton recently stated that if you bring out one guest and they tell a story about a dead chicken on the set and it does not go well, at least with their show they are out there for awhile and they could try another tale.

As a chat show host, first few years for Norton featured the conventional one guest style. Slowly, that pattern changed in the present style, which is far easier for as celeb to speak about their television show, album, film or even their bird experience.

The season opener show features James Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch. It is tough job to make sure that all the guests get same time on the show. One thing that made Norton’s show popular is the casual style of the show and the way he deals with the guests of the show. According to Norton, the secret of appearing very casual is hard work. The team spends the whole day mapping how the chat could go.


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