“I like hores” / Funny Exam Answers – Graham Norton Show preview – BBC One

Graham Norton Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to ““I like hores” / Funny Exam Answers – Graham Norton Show preview – BBC One”

  1. kavita1212thakur says:

    Except HORES can anyone prove any of the answers wrong? What a creative mind the children have!!!! Seriously. I mean we just learn from our teacher, memorize it and solve the problems accordingly. On one side the answers are hilarious but the other side they present the quick mind of kids.

  2. BossEagle74 says:

    i just looking at chris rock and pacy from Dawson creek reactions there like wow we see this shit every day lol

  3. LeBeatmaker says:

    @puw789 i saw him laughing, and internet or not, they were funny

  4. anubiswolfang says:

    “find x”
    *circled x*
    “here it is” XD

  5. poshnile says:

    That would be very illegal.

  6. Delalumiere666 says:

    @Spacecatso hahaha XD

  7. puw789 says:

    you have one of the funniest comedians alive as a guest on your show, and you decide to show shitty internet jokes? Chris Rock must have been killing himself inside.

  8. R4nd0mdude11 says:

    somebodys gonna be a great pimp when hes 16 or 20 😉

  9. Tofytwo says:

    I want a hores xD

  10. MarioishBeast says:


  11. silentorange17 says:

    “im a rabit with 41 heads BUT IM IN A BOX” . LMAO!! XD

  12. vittoc says:

    Thumbs up if you watched this when you were high/drunk and you couldnt stop laugjing

  13. RoolLsable says:


  14. lifemetall says:

    it’s so great to see how imaginative kids can be in solving problems, too bas adults fuck them up

  15. dinozambas7 says:

    32 people dont have 41 heads

  16. suhailroxx says:

    i am rabit with a 41 heads but in a box …..hahahahhahahahahaha

  17. 00nadoosh says:

    soo funny 😛

  18. xstarana says:

    HOW CA U DISHLIKE THIIISSS!!! omg that’s soo.. aahahahahahahhaahahaha 😀

  19. MrGeorgFTW says:

    damn, they cut out the last one, thats the funniest one! (with the pole dancer) its here watch?v=38QUqc61EWo

  20. Fanofanime2006 says:

    prob. help if i could spell…

  21. Fanofanime2006 says:

    kid gets half-points for 142 legs alltogether… but plus 2523 points for sheer awesome.

  22. russelltennis15 says:


  23. CrasherKhoo says:

    I laughed so hard

  24. MegaShadow2020 says:


  25. tropico79 says:

    Hores do make you feel good>