JESSIE J – PRICE TAG on graham norton – interview

Graham Norton Video clip Rating: four / five

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11 Responses to “JESSIE J – PRICE TAG on graham norton – interview”

  1. Amy Womack says:

    She really doesn’t think about what she says lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. brunomarsfan12 says:

    His hair is jacked up!!

  3. anon3339 says:


  4. fmiglio437 says:

    non conoscendo l’inglese รจ un grosso guaio – peccato –

  5. sweet2def says:

    lol I think she’s wicked…and her down to earth personality kinda
    solidifies her talent . . most great artists are egotistical knobs but
    jessie doesnt seem like that

  6. thegirlwiththefandomtattoo says:

    Jessie J is fab! So down to earth as well as talented!

  7. David Mondeel says:

    “It’s like a FANCY CONDOM!!” <3

  8. Ny Grey says:

    Sheeeesss ssssoooo funny omg shee cracks me up

  9. MrGibby123456789 says:

    She is so down to earth “I feel like a fancy condom” Lol X Lov ya jessie xx

  10. wordsarepegs says:

    she is banging

  11. fmiglio437 says:

    ho letto comunque la presentazione che anche non conoscendo l’inglese sono
    ricorso al traduttore e in questo caso ho risolto il problema