Jonathan Ross slams Graham Norton show

Jonathan Ross has blasted at TV show host Graham Norton for stealing all his chat show guests from him. The fifty two year old presenter has seen his rival forty nine year old Graham Norton stealing his guests and secure interviews withh some of the top stars in the world. He also added that the stars also prefer Graham’s show as they feel that they are in a more protected environment.

Jonathan Ross told that at this point of time, this is a bit tricky. He thinks that Graham gets first bite of film guests. Some stars like to be i his show over his as they are less protected on his program. If they go on Norton’s show, 3 guests all sit together on the sofa. Ross added that recently he had Jude Law on his show who could hide behind fellow guest Dame Judi Dench. But on his show, they would not be albe to do that.

‘The Graham Norton Show’ comes on BBC One on Friday night whereas ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ airs on ITV on Saturday night. According to reports, some BBC sources recently claimed that Jonathan’s ratings are suffering as his show has a very lazy format.

An insider told a leading UK newspaper that Ross’ questions seem to get more desperate the more he struggles in the ratings.

Very often he has people on who share his own agent, Addison Cresswell, the man who also happens to produce ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’. It is all a bit lazy and it shows.

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