Katy Perry candid on Graham Norton show

Graham Norton is famed for getting celebrities to be candid and frank. Graham Norton has a reputation to extract things out from celebrities. The episodes of Ryan Seacrest or Jay Leno were pretty interesting. Audience is always eager to watch the show which is a favorite with UK audience. Cheryl Cole and pop star Katy Perry blurted their heart out about Mr.Cowell and Russel Brand respectively.

Cheryl then funnily gave an account of the revenges she took on her ex X Factor costar which comprised of heavy artillery like planes and explosives. Katy Perry however reflected that music reflected the turmoil of her romantic life. Katy told Norton about the actualization of reality and falling down from a high, because of too much sugar in the year before.

Katy Perry’s way of utilizing her music to express feelings is quite healthy.
Cheryl Ann Cole or better known Cheryl Cole is an English pop and R&B recording artist, dancer, model and songwriter. She catapulted to fame in during the latter half of the year 2002, when she auditioned for the reality television show Popstars: The Rivals on ITV. The programme declared that Cole had won a place in the girl group, Girls Aloud. In the year 2009, the girls group Girls Aloud won “Best Single” because of their song “The Promise”. She had married English footballer Ashley Cole and later on divorced because of his infidelity.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson also known as Katy Perry, is an American actress, songwriter besides being a singer. Katy Perry grew up in an environment with gospel music. During the first year of high school, she pursued a career in by taking up the name of Katy Hudson. Later on she changed her name and adopted the name of Katy Perry. She married British comedian Russell Brand, divorcing later on.