Keanu Reeves’ Matrix Kick – The Graham Norton Show – Series 8 Episode 10, preview – BBC One

Graham Norton Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Keanu Reeves’ Matrix Kick – The Graham Norton Show – Series 8 Episode 10, preview – BBC One”

  1. 1000FeatheredOwl says:

    @AtenRa I’m a dude. I just jizzed myself.

  2. kopsfree says:

    loved the kick in the air

  3. Ol09Ash says:


  4. KatieKinsBear says:

    FAKE Keanu Reeves can’t show emotion.

  5. minas565 says:

    @nk801 OMG! That makes soo much sense!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t realise that before…I just thought he was awkward…awww poor thing

  6. Dyrssen says:

    Oh my God. Jesus christ I come back from the most high, and turned into the everlasting matriz guy.

  7. MrDoable says:

    I thought he was gonna do the matrix kick =(

  8. selty says:

    @nk801 It’s never been confirmed he has it, actually. A lot of people think so, but it hasn’t been stated by him or his reps. Also, I kind of do agree I think he might have some kind of autism, but again, he looks bored.

  9. nk801 says:

    @selty Keanu doesn’t look bored, he has Asperger’s Syndrome. People with this feel uncomfortable in social situations and interacting with people.

  10. neukertification says:

    I love his soft…

  11. TerryCraig23 says:

    @AtenRa shit that’s one epic comment

  12. AtenRa says:

    Legions of women spontaneously orgasm when Keanu Reeves kicks.

  13. 1foottall says:

    Someone should make a gif of that super hot kick

  14. bigsoso20 says:


  15. MzLoathsome says:


  16. OOOuise says:


  17. carmendias100 says:

    Para mim ele é perfeito !!! Eu o vejo em filmes desde quando era apenas uma criança. Nunca deixei de assistir os seus filmes, acho que ele carrega uma marca registrada, independente do filme ser bom, o público já se habituou em vê-lo na tela. Amo!

  18. llamalover45 says:

    LOL keanu needs to talk about the matrix

  19. selty says:

    Keanu Reeves seems a bit bored :/ I hate watching celebs like that makes me feel awkward

  20. kiwi1mango1 says:

    Keanu Reeves is god.

  21. LLOYD19851012 says:

    @Towens1821 Bill and Ted 3 is being made.

  22. Hunkola says:

    Why does Keanu grow so much hair everywhere ??

  23. Gabreya says:

    @morocotopo2611 Yeah, well family, friends, collegues, and fans have said that he’s very sweet and funny. Despite what the public mostly says about him, he seems to be such a personable and likeable gorgeous person. 🙂

  24. ana4pie says:

    I love Keanu.He’s perfect

  25. morocotopo2611 says:

    i never imagine keanu so nice and funny person, always think he was sad and boring.