Monty Python Reunion – The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton Online video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Monty Python Reunion – The Graham Norton Show”

  1. epsteinsmutha1 says:

    Well the dead one was gay and his name was Graham.

    Missed opportunity, lads. Missed opportunity.

  2. Ratelzwatel says:

    They’ve been together when they existed 20, 25 and 30 years.

  3. onedayautumn says:

    John always leave haha he is so cute

  4. Caroline Mccallum says:

    Monty Python Reunion – The Graham Norton Show:

  5. Stroya says:

    Even they’re interviews are absurd :D

  6. Alessandro Tinonga says:

    Even as old men they’re sharp as tacks and as witty as brilliant as they
    were in the 70’s.

  7. dieyng says:

    “No one likes someone who supports a pedophile”

    Perhaps, but I bet not a lot of people see Terry Gilliam as someone like
    Certainly not because of him signing that petition.

    The whole Polanski thing is way more complicated than most people make it
    out to be.The girl (now woman) that this is all about has said repeatedly
    that the actions by the American prosecution has been far more hurtful and
    damaging to her than anything Polanski ever did.

  8. sambar0986 says:

    Six minutes wasn’t enough, they should have had these guys on for a minimum
    of twenty.

  9. James Martin says:

    They are all still delightful idiots. Wow, what a collection of talent. You
    know, sometimes monuments are not all stony, stern memorials of war and
    politics. Sometimes they’re soft, saggy old goofy guys. But they’re just as
    important, if not more so.

  10. JPPT1974 says:

    Eric is the cute one, Michael the nice one, Terry G the animated one, John
    the tall one, Terry J the one that dresses great as women.

  11. Vasilis Giakoumakis says:

    Damn Terry, did they cut your tongue off?

  12. NeonMusic says:

    Terry Gilliam is one of the best movie directors ever, he is so under
    rated. He’s a freaking genius. They all are.

  13. Pinkie Pie says:

    My only problem with this piece, was that the Pythons deserve an entire
    Norton show to themselves. Not 5 paltry minutes.

  14. Piggy-Pike-Music-Like says:

    Do you NOW rememeber what comedy was all about then?

  15. Joshua Nyerges says:

    Some of the funniest men to ever walk the face of the Earth

  16. Szarvas Kikinda says:

    I miss them so much

  17. littlegelland says:

    They’re not dead yet, they’re not dead yet…!

  18. Rens Wisse says:

    They are still fucking sharp and as funny as ever.

  19. Stephen Farrugia says:

    And now for something completely different.

  20. Simon wheeler says:

    mike…have you seen this?


    This brings back so many memories growing up….who knows what is
    next–perhaps a Fawlty Towers reunion

  22. Remijndeaap says:

    John Cleese is so old….

  23. Bob Forapples says:

    Benny Hill considered funnier than Monty Python.

  24. seavixen125 says:

    One down, five to go.f**king brilliant!!!! 

  25. nttgrg08 . says:

    Oh Chapman