Norton receives £2.61million

Graham Norton, the well known Chatshow host, earned £ 2.61 million from the BBC previous year, it was revealed recently. Fifty year old Norton received the big sum in salary and fees through his firm for offering BBC’s The Graham Norton Show as well as hosting the Radio 2 Saturday program.

Companies House financial information revealed that he got the amount in production fees, royalties and presenter fees from his production company named So Television in the year ending July 2012.

The details were announced after BBC started a cost-cutting event that included programs to cut fees given to top artists. The corporation has cut down the amount it spent on the top stars; those making £ 1 million or more – starting from £ 9.7 million to £ 5.6 million last year.

Graham Norton is one of fourteen top BBC talents who were handed between £ 500000 and £ 5 million in a year.

Recently, Graham Norton’s former partner opened up about their past. Speaking to a tabloid, Trevor Patterson told that Graham found it hard to unwind without having alcohol, saying it was probably the ‘Irish in him.’ He had shared heavy nights of drinking with Norton.

This comes in spite of the fact that Norton is the undisputed star of UK television and admired for his integrity and professionalism across the industry. His critically lauded show regularly gets 4.5 million viewers and top names in the entertainment world.


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