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Ke$ha rocks Graham Norton show

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha is not known for her wardrobe choices, but the singer decided to shine when she hit the stage of the Graham Norton Show. The singer donned a gold bodysuit and entertained the audience with her newest track ‘Die Young’.

The twenty five year old singer used over the top hair extension and eye make-up to balance her overall look and more importantly to stay true to her bad – girl image. The gold ensemble was adorned with fringes as well as red rhinestones that she paired up with a pair of leather boots and fishnet tights. She wore a heavy make up and swept back her hair in a gladiator style.

Earlier that day, the ‘Die Young’ singer was seen entering the studio of BBC before recording her performance donning a 1970s inspired dress. Sporting a suede outfit which featured gold baroque prints, Ke$ha sported a pair of John Lennon style shades and also a floppy hat along with a flower on it.

The singer was very excited to appear on the Graham Norton Show. After her performance, she took on to Twitter and wrote: ‘AY! performing #dieyoung on the Graham Norton show in the UK tonight!’ she told her fans.

Ke$ha came to spotlight with her track named Tik Tok, After that she has released many songs on partying and drinking. Recently, she told that she sang songs to empower women. She stated that if men could talk about drinking in every song, then women also could do it.

Skyfall cast arrives at The Graham Norton Show

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

On Graham Norton Show, Series 12 (episode – 2), showing on 10th November on BBC Entertainment at 7 pm, Graham welcomes James Bond Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem (villain of Skyfall and Oscar winning actor) as well as indie folk band Of Monsters and Men.

While speaking about the experience of working for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, Daniel Craig told that it was planned for a long time. Director Danny Boyle said him that him what he wanted to do; and first he almost walked out and he thought that he was kidding with him. He did not know that he would get an okay from the palace.

Judi Dench jokingly told that she was not told to be involved. She told that Daniel Craig also kept everything secret from the co actors of Skyfall. He did not reveal anything. Speaking about his role, Daniel told that he could not understand why he was being asked. He was quite reluctant to say yes to this film.

The offer was really nice, but he thought he was not the perfect man for this role. He went for an all day screen test for this role. He did a scene from ‘From Russia with Love.’ It was hard, but then for some odd reason, he had to take off his shirt.

The Graham Norton Show will be aired on 10th November from 7 pm on BBC Entertainment.

Katy Perry candid on Graham Norton show

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Graham Norton is famed for getting celebrities to be candid and frank. Graham Norton has a reputation to extract things out from celebrities. The episodes of Ryan Seacrest or Jay Leno were pretty interesting. Audience is always eager to watch the show which is a favorite with UK audience. Cheryl Cole and pop star Katy Perry blurted their heart out about Mr.Cowell and Russel Brand respectively.

Cheryl then funnily gave an account of the revenges she took on her ex X Factor costar which comprised of heavy artillery like planes and explosives. Katy Perry however reflected that music reflected the turmoil of her romantic life. Katy told Norton about the actualization of reality and falling down from a high, because of too much sugar in the year before.

Katy Perry’s way of utilizing her music to express feelings is quite healthy.
Cheryl Ann Cole or better known Cheryl Cole is an English pop and R&B recording artist, dancer, model and songwriter. She catapulted to fame in during the latter half of the year 2002, when she auditioned for the reality television show Popstars: The Rivals on ITV. The programme declared that Cole had won a place in the girl group, Girls Aloud. In the year 2009, the girls group Girls Aloud won “Best Single” because of their song “The Promise”. She had married English footballer Ashley Cole and later on divorced because of his infidelity.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson also known as Katy Perry, is an American actress, songwriter besides being a singer. Katy Perry grew up in an environment with gospel music. During the first year of high school, she pursued a career in by taking up the name of Katy Hudson. Later on she changed her name and adopted the name of Katy Perry. She married British comedian Russell Brand, divorcing later on.