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Matt LeBlanc sings Joey’s songs on Graham Norton Show

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Well, he still got it. We are talking about FRIENDS star Matt LeBlanc, who, on 1st May, stopped by The Graham Norton Show and proved that he could still make Joey Tribbiani very proud. The Friends star, now 47, was questioned by the shows host Graham Norton regarding his ten year tenure on the beloved program, where he famously played the role of Joey along with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry. The British television personality specifically named one of wishful actor Joey’s more questionable projects, a musical pepped up by Sigmund Freud.

On the show, Matt LeBlanc explained that he believes that it was right in the very starting of the first season, like episode 4, or something — it was called ‘Freud!’. He added that his character played the role of Freud himself in the musical and still he recalled the primary song from the play.

Matt went on to perform the mentioned tune, putting on an accent to sing regarding Freud’s theories. The veteran star recalled every word, grinning as he sang.

After being actuated by Graham, now 52, Matt was reminded of an episode from the 5th season of Friends, where his character finds a person who has a hand which appears exactly like his own. He said that he recalled the plotline. He added, “I meet a guy, not me, Joey… meets a guy in the casino who’s his exact hand double, and he thinks he has struck it rich now. ‘NASA’s gonna want to talk to us, this is big.'”

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