The Graham Norton Show 2011 – S10x07 Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Jimmy Carr, Coldplay Part 1

Graham Norton Online video Score: 5 / five

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22 Responses to “The Graham Norton Show 2011 – S10x07 Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Jimmy Carr, Coldplay Part 1”

  1. continuo says:

    If given the choice between “heart throb” Antonio and “funny man” Jimmy Carr … I would take Jimmy in a second. Such a crush on him.

  2. MrCarumbia says:

    Thanks for ur uploades GrahamNortonFan! thanks a lot!

  3. GreekJR2 says:

    I’m not sure why Jimmy Carr is there but I’m happy he is.

  4. KraljOsovina says:

    That IS Funnny xD

  5. englishlion2988 says:

    the british comedians on this show are so out their depth.

  6. sbhg26 says:

    @Sochilinda U definitely don’t know her carrier.. She was already famous.. I understand you dont like her but to talk about her u need to have the facts.. She was nominated to an Oscar (cause she is a terrible actress). How many nominations you have? Being a hot and sexy woman its not enough. She have talent and a smart ass that’s why she is where she is right now and u are at home hating her.. I am not going to answer u back.. Don’t even bother.

  7. Sochilinda says:

    @sbhg26 haha, I’m not a hater, she is just annoying, the reality is that she bacame famous for being hot, she is not a good actress, that’s why she couldn’t do more than telenovelas in mexico. Antonio Banderas even with his thick accent has proved himself to be a quality actor, unlike salam hayek who know is famous for having a super rich husband

  8. sbhg26 says:

    @Sochilinda u a really a hater… wot did she do to ya?

  9. CricketFreak72 says:

    From @12:05 onwards… that’s all. Dismount!

  10. slxsam says:

    wow Salma Hayek looks amazing here

  11. imhamish says:

    They argue like an old married couple 😛

  12. Sochilinda says:

    salma hayek is SO annoying, that “joke” about being good in everytihng, is something she’ll never know, she doesn’t even know how to be an actor.

  13. brummiejojo says:

    I love the way he has all guests on at the same time to interact.

  14. Sunshinestar says:

    I LOVE GRAHAM NORTON! I wanna be friends with him!

  15. LizzyP78 says:

    Jimmy Carr’s act is getting really old.

  16. gcorbalan says:

    @TsalagiAgvnage LOL. That is the new geography subject for dummies.

  17. TsalagiAgvnage says:

    ummmmm. Mexico is in South America since when???

  18. irelandpride256 says:

    how times jimmy car on this show?

  19. issakita12 says:

    I can’t stand Salma Hayek.. She can’t remember to speak Spanish anymore because she lived for some years in USA..RIIIGHT! but she speaks English like she just started learning the language!

  20. IngaFrid says:

    Antonio Banderas is adorable!

  21. MissRavenMoonshine says:

    Oh god I love Jimmy Carr!!! He deserves an award for just breathing

  22. omagator says:

    Love the Norton show